IHS and DONJIN Launched Hospitality and Call Center Solution in ASEAN

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On 23 May 2017, IHS and DONJIN launched hospitality and call center solutions at CommunicAsia2017 which is one of the largest information and communication technology (ICT) exhibition in Asia. The event drew over 40,000 trade attendees with 45 per cent hailing from overseas, and more than 1,800 exhibitors showcased innovations featuring the latest in IoT, big data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, satellite communications, virtual reality, IP broadcasting, OTT and 5G among others in dedicated technology clusters.


IHS has cooperated with DONJIN since 2007. Base on DONJIN Keygoe platform, they have developed hospitality and call center solution. It has been widely deployed in Sri Lanka. To expand their international market, they decided to cooperate with DONJIN to develop Southeast Asia market. As DONJIN has presented in this market for many years, its brand has been known and accepted by many customers. 

DONJIN Keygoe platform covers from one analog port to 30,000 channels. The corresponding product lines are Keygoe200 multimedia boards, Keygoe3000 series multimedia switch and Keygoe9000 series multimedia switch. Keygoe200 multimedia boards support 16 analog ports, 1E1 and 2E1 digital channels which all PCIe based platform. It has been widely used for small enterprise solutions. Keygoe3000 series support from 1E1 to 1000E1 simultaneous calls, which is used for medium and big projects. The communication between server and switch is based on TCP/IP which is easy to deploy, expand and maintain. Keygoe9000 series are a pure VoIP solution platform. Single chassis support VoIP channels up to 8,000.


DONJIN Keygoe series have been successfully deployed in SEA, such Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. However, IHS software will be another option for customer in this region and increase more experience for customer.