16-E1 Bypass Device PEME16-BNC

The 16 E1 bypass device PEME16-BNC is used in the 3U/5U/11U Keygoe3000 series multimedia switches for backing up E1 interfaces to make the master and slave Keygoe systems switched automatically or manually in a certain condition. In general, the E1 interfaces are from the telecom company, or for connecting to the analog line devices, such as PCS1UC2 of the Keygoe1001 series. 

            The system is composed of the master Keygoe system, slave Keygoe system, and PEME16-BNC device. The PEME16-BNC is connected to the E1. By two European connection lines, the PEME16-BNC is connected to the master Keygoe device and slave Keygoe device. By the host server, the PEME16-BNC could connect either of the two Keygoe devices to the E1 interface to back up E1 lines.

    The master system controls the PEME16-BNC device by the RS232 serial port. The PEME16-BNC device could also be independent from the master and slave systems.

    System networking


    Each PEME16-BNC device supports one Keygoe multimedia processing board PFBT480X-16, that is 16 E1s. Thus, when two Keygoe devices need be backed up, you need 4 PEME16-BNC devices stacked to back up all the E1 interfaces. The system supports a maximum of 4 PEME16-BNC devices stacked to back up a maximum of 64 E1s. 

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