4 E1 Digital Trunk Board

   DONJIN digital trunk voice processing board adopts the latest DSP, and one board provides 4 E1 digital trunk interfaces, which can process 120 voice channels, and 4 SS7 (MTP, TUP, ISUP, and SCCP) links. The powerful DSP technology can effectively reduce the host loads, and the firmware can be updated by the network. It ensures that the high-density and large-capacity application system runs stably, which is convenient to construct multi-function, nice cost performance, and upgradable application system to protect customer investment maximally.

    l  Trunk interface

     ? One board provides 4 E1 (PCM) digital trunk interfaces;

     ? A maximum of 4 boards could be inserted in a standalone device, which provides a maximum of 16 E1 digital trunk interfaces;

     ? The digital trunk voice boards of various capacities and other kinds of voice boards can be used together;

    l  Signaling processing

     ? Support the Chinese SS1;

     ? Support the DSS1, that is the ISDN PRI;

     ? Support the ITU-T SS7 and Chinese SS7; support the point codes of 14 bits and 24 bits. One board can process one to four SS7 links. To process multiple SS7 links, you can install multiple boards in one device or multiple devices;

    l      Voice processing

     ? One board can process a maximum of 120 voice channels;

     ? A maximum of 4 boards could be inserted in a standalone device simultaneously, which can process 480 voice channels;

     ? Provide to receive/send the DTMF and FSK;

     ? Digital recording, compression, and voice playback;

     ? Identify the special signal tones such as the fax and modem;

     ? When the NADK SDK is used, the board is compatible with all voice formats of Dialogic boards, and provides the API     programming interfaces compatible with the SR5.1.1.


    Computer Bus


    Telecom   Interface



    Enhanced   Function







    SS1, DSS1






    SS1, DSS1, SS7


    BNC-H2×8 Note




    SS1, DSS1





    BNC/RJ48/L9 Note 2


    SS1, DSS1


    RIO1200BNC/RIO1200R45 /RIO1200L9



    SS1, DSS1, SS7




    SS1, DSS1


    Note: If the selected D1287 and DN1200 with RJ48 interfaces, the accessories are not required. 

    l  E1 interface

     ? physical interface: conform to the G.703, and support the coaxial cable (75 Ω unbalanced), and twisted-pair cable (120 Ω balanced);

     ? Frame structure: conform to the frame structure of G.704 and multiframe alignment of G.706;

     ? The 2048 kbps PCM confirms to the G.732 and G.796;

     ? The alarm conforms to the G.775;

     ? The jitter and wander conforms to the G.823;

    l  SS7

     ? Support the SS7: MTP, TUP, ISUP, and SCCP;

     ? Conform to the ITU-T signaling system No.7, including the Q.700-Q.716, Q.721-Q.766, and Q.771-Q.795;

    l  Voice encoding

     ? Sampling frequency: 6 k (NADK)/8 k;

     ? Data transmission rate: 64 kbps, 32 kbps, 24 kbps (NADK);

     ? Digital voice: A law/linear PCM, AMI ADPCM (.VOX);

    l  Computer bus: PCI/CPCI

    l  Resource bus

     ? The PCI interface board confirms to the CT-BUS H.100;

     ? The CPCI interface board confirms to the CT-BUS H.110.

    l  TICQ, multi-party communication

    l  Voice magazine, China Unicom voice service

    l  Voice gateway, signaling gateway

    l  Voice value-added services such as the colour ring back tone (CRBT) and background music (BGM)

    l  Large-Sized enterprise call centre, and 800 number service

    l  Switch call centre with IVR function


    DONJIN digital trunk voice processing board in an SS7 gateway



    DONJIN digital trunk voice processing board in a call center

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