16/30-Channel IP Resource Board

DONJIN IP resource board adopts the latest DSP technology, one board can process 16/30 VoIP resources, and one standalone device can process a maximum of 120 VoIP channels. It supports standard IP telephone protocols SIP and H.323, which is integrated with the voice board confirming to the H.100. It can combine the functions such as the PSTN interface, signaling processing, IVR, and voice encoding to provide high-performance IP telephone solutions in enterprise or telecom level.

    l  High-Density IP resource board, and one board can provide the packetized data stream ports of 16/30 VoIP channels at most;

    l  One device supports 120-channel packetized data stream ports;

    l  Support the H.323, and be able to connect to other soft switch products such as the IP telephone gateway, and gatekeeper, which support the H.323;

    l  Support the SIP, and be able be connect to the function servers which also supports the SIP;

    l  Support multiple voice encoding;

    l  Support the echo cancellation, voice activity detection (VAD), and silence compression;

    l  Support the DBDK, and be used with DONJIN analog/digital trunk voice boards together;

    l  Be easy to be expanded, and be able to connect to the voice boards confirming to the H.100 seamlessly;

    l  Provide the high-level packaged call processing interfaces and low-level RTP voice processing interfaces for users. 


    Computer Bus









    l  Call control signaling: H.323, SIP;

    l  Voice encoding: G.723.1, G.711 A-law, G.711 u-law, G.729A/B;

    l  Echo cancellation: confirm to the G.165;

    l  Transmission protocols: RTP/RTCP;

    l  Computer bus: PCI;

    l  Resource bus: confirm to the CT-BUS H.100. 

    l   IP supermarket

    l   IP access gateway

    l   IP trunk gateway

    l   IP-PBX

    l   Distributed call center


    DONJIN IP resource board in IP gateway

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