Analog Interface Recording Board

To meet the high-performance requirements in the recording monitoring field, DONJIN develops the high-impedance analog recording board. After users make a secondary development based on the API, the recording function can be performed. At present, the products cover almost all recording market applications, including analog lines, wireless communication wires, digital phones, and other applications. Meanwhile, the solution of telephone recording system is simple, secure, and also reliable.

    l  The board adopts the wire tapping recording in a parallel work mode;

    l  One board can record 2 to 16 voice channels, and the full duplex voice can be overlaid automatically;

    l  Support various recording start modes:

     ? Volume control: The threshold values can be adjusted automatically;

     ? Voltage control: Support the continuous voltage detection, adjustable continuous voltage, and voltage threshold value set by software;

     ? Key control: Receive and identify users accurately;

    l  Provide the audio output interface for monitoring the voice of other channels;

    l  Caller identity detection (CID): Support two CID modes of DTMF and FSK;

    l  Provide the synchronous voice playing of multiple channels (conference), multi-channel monitoring, and real-time voice playing;

    l  The volume of voice recording/playing can be adjusted by software, and the AGC is supported;

    l  Provide accurate voltage value for the application. 


    Computer Bus

    Recording   Capacity

    Telecom   Interface













    M2R, C12



    RJ45 Note


    M2R, C14

    Note: The interface lead standards are defined by DONJIN. 

    l  Input impedance

     ? Analog interface: ≥ 20 kΩ;

    l  Voice encoding format

     ? The analog high-impedance recording board supports the A law PCM, ADPCM, and WAV;

    l  Computer bus: PCI

     ? Resource bus: Confirm to the CT-BUS H.100. 

    l  Call center management system

    l  Public security organization recording system

    l  Industry transaction monitoring systems such as the funds, banks, insurances, securities, and futures

    l  Control systems such as the aviation, electricity, railways, petroleum, and ports

    l  Governmental and military recording system




    DONJIN recording processing board used in analog trunk recording

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