16-Channel Agent Resource Board

DONJIN agent resource board adopts the modularized structure, suitable for the NADK SDK (The DBDK users can refer to the analog trunk voice processing board for the agent function). It has the same hardware platform with the analog trunk voice boards of the same series. By installing user modules, one board can connect to 16 analog telephones. It is a nice selection for economical call centers and PBX servers.

    l  One board can connect to a maximum of 16 analog agents simultaneously, while one device can provides a maximum of 256 analog agents simultaneously;

    l  Use the extensible modularized design with user modules configured flexibly to suit various agent scales;

    l  It has the telephone conference function built in; one board provides 32 conference resources, which can build multiple telephone conferences simultaneously;

    l  Provide power for the agent telephones;

    l  Possess internal digital exchange function;

    l  Generate signal notification tones;

    l  Define various ringing tones flexibly by programming;

    l  Adopt the DTMF and FSK modes to send calling numbers to agent phones;

    l  Receive user-pressed keys: sensible DTMF detection, and accurate receiving.


    Computer Bus


    Telecom   Interface






    RJ45 Note


    M2U, C14






    M2U, RIO160R11, C12

    Note: The interface lead standards are defined by DONJIN.

    l  Interface type: user trunk;

    l  Interface impedance: 3-element composite impedance;

    l  Frequency: 300–3400 Hz;

    l  Digital voice: A law/μ law/linear PCM encoding, AMI ADPCM (.VOX);

    l  Sampling rate: 6 k/8 k;

    l  Data rate: 64 kbps, 32 kbps, 24 kbps;

    l  Volume adjustment: -30 db – +30 db;

    l  DTMF sending/receiving: 0-9, *, #, A, B, C, D;

    l  Exchange function: standard H.100 interface, 4096-channel exchange capacity;

    l  Computer bus: PCI/CPCI;

    l  Resource bus

     ? The PCI interface board confirms to the CT-BUS H.100;

     ? The CPCI interface board confirms to the CT-BUS H.110.

    l  Call center agents

    l  Telephone chatting system agents

    l  Telephone service agents

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