Selection Guide is a general guidance for customer to choose DONJIN product. It may not match customer real requirements in some cases. Please contact DONJIN sales for accurate product recommendation.


Financial Requirement

eNAC support all popular POS models. Customer can select different eNAC model by project capacity and expansion plan. Generally, it follows points below:

1: with high security, expandable and dual hot standby request, eNAC8000 is the best choice. It covers from 1E1 to 20E1 each device.

2: Centrilizated systems recommend eNAC8000 only.

3: Remote sites can choose eNAC1000 with limit scale 1E1 to 4E1.




Communication Requirement

Generally, customers choose product through capacity whatever application, such as IVR, Call Center, Logger, OBD, etc. Keygoe series are the best choice for these applications. Here are the points:

1: Keygoe series covers from 1 to 30,000 ports in a single system.

2: Both TMD and VOIP can be supported in the same system.

3: It’s easy to expand without coding because all series have the same APIs.


For Keygoe series, customers can choose different model by capacity:

1: 1 to 120 ports TDM/VOIP, Keygoe200 voice boards.

2: 120 to 240 ports TDM, Keygoe1001 series switches.

3: 240 + ports TDM/VOIP, Keygoe3000 series switches.

4: 1000 + ports VOIP, Keygoe9000 series switches.