• Q: KeygoeV3.1.2以上软件包如何查看授权文件的内容?

    A: (1)Donjin Multimedia Switches is compact structure. Donjin Multimedia Switches provide complete, hi-performance exchange and media resources in single machine, with flow processing and configuration tools, which makes structure simple, maintenance convenient as well as lower cost than SPC exchange.

    2Cost effective. Donjin Multimedia Switches use general function modules which makes users to configure specific functions and expand function modules dynamically, Single function module have complete service functions and multi services can run on one platform. The cost of ownership for unit resource is lower than traditional unified switch and improve cost effective overall.

    3Fast-speed service development. Donjin Multimedia Switches can shield underlying specific hardware structure through flow processing and configuration tools, which make development worker  focuses on services more from specific hardware structure and technical details, enhancing development speed and quality quickly.   

  • Q: What kind of services Keygoe series donjin multimedia switches can build?

    A: (1)Support telecom value-added services that is main for calling control, such as prepaid service (such as 201, IP card), postpaid service(such as 17909,17951), intelligent public phone, telephone supermarket, virtual switchboard etc.

    2Support large capacity media resource and signaling processing services, such as carrier-class telephone conference, telephone ring tone, large IVR , ASR and TTS, voice mail, voice SMS etc.

    3 Support the services combined with Internet and IP network, such as VoIP, voice mail and IP fax.

    4 Support industry applications based on multifunction composite, such as mobile payment platform, E-commerce, E-government etc.

  • Q: What kind of video applications Donjin Multimedia Switches can implement?

    A:  In the service platform based on soft switch and 3G, Donjin Multimedia Switches can be used as multimedia resource server, containing large capacity video resources that provide media supports for video phone, video conference, video real-time supervision, video on demand and download etc.  

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