DJTTS 3.0 is a software product used with DONJIN D series analog voice boards together, which provides a TTS solution for the software developers who use DONJIN voice boards. 

    l  Use latest IBM TTS6.4.8 conversion engine to provide perfect language analysis and nice speech synthesis quality;

    l  Natural personated voice data synthesized by voice library;

    l  Provide various conversion modes and output modes;

    l  Provide memory character string and .txt input;

    l  Support the simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English input;

    l  Support the mixed pronunciation of mandarin and English;

    l  The conversed voice only supports the female voice. 

    l  Input: memory character string pointer, text file name, output voice file name, output speech speed, and volume parameters;

    l  Output: voice resource, voice file;

    l  Operating System: Windows2000 Server/Professional+ SP2 or later;

    l  Development interface: C (Visual C++, Borland C++ ……), Delphi;

    l  SDK: DJDBDK3.1.3 or later.

    l  Voice edit tool: VEDIT

    l  Signal tone analysis tool: DialAna

    l  IVR system

    l  Call Center

    l  ACD

    l  Voice Mail

    l  Chinese ASR

    l  PC-based PBX

    l  Automatic PBX

    l  Dynamic/Mass information notification systems

    l  TTS system

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