Conference Resource Board

DONJIN conference resource board adopts the latest DSP technology, and one board can provide 256 conference resources. It has the interfaces of PCI and CPCI, and uses the standard H.100/H.110 bus. It can be connected to the analog/digital trunk voice boards which use the same SDK as shared conference resources to provide carrier-level conference solutions.

    l  Adopt advanced DSP technology and high-performance conference algorithm; one board can provide 256 conference resources, and each conference supports a maximum of 64 members;

    l  In one chassis, a maximum of 8 boards can be installed to provide 2048 conference resources at most, which can construct the telephone conference system in large scales;

    l  Monitoring function: Use the broadcasting function by the CT-Bus, and each conference can provide the real time monitoring for 512 members;

    l  Speaker identification: Under the NADK, the speaking member can be identified in any specified time;

    l  By the powerful comprehensive algorithm, it can prevent the noise generation and keep clear voice to improve the telephone conference quality;

    l  DTMF detection/shielding: It can detect the DTMF tones generated by any conference member, and shield the tones from other members;

    l  Automatic gain control: Various conference members can keep the same volume;

    l  Coach function: It can make any member (coach) speak to any other member (student) without heard by other members. This function can be used in training or specialized information, for example, to build a sub-conference. (Note: This function is supported only by the NADK SDK);

    l  Individual volume control: Each member can adjust the conference volume to a satisfied level.


    Computer   Bus









    l  Computer Bus:

     ? DNCB2560 adopts the PCI computer bus interface;

     ? DNCB2560C adopts the CPCI computer bus interface;

    l  Resource bus

     ? DNCB2560 confirms to the CT-BUS H.100;

     ? DNCB2560C confirms to the CT-BUS H.110. 

    l  Enterprise telephone conference system

    l  Telephone chatting

    l  Multi-Party communication

    l  Telephone Karaoke

    l  BGM


    DONJIN conference resource board in a telephone conference

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