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  • DONJIN D series voice board SDK for 64bit WinOS(DBDK V3.7.0_x64)

    DBDK V3.7.0_x64 enables DONJIN D series voice processing boards to run in 64-bit Windows OS (Windows7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012), which also removes some other bugs.

  • Voice Board Tools
  • DONJIN D series voice board SDK(DBDK V3.7.0)

    Add port voltage detection; Optimize CRBT recognition performance; Support DONJIN analog interface box; Suport Windows Server 2008; Add C# head file and demos

  • DONJIN DN series voice board SDK(NADK V1.9.0)
  • ELS100 Software Package
  • ELS100 Brochure
  • ELS100 Manual
  • DONJIN D/DN Voice Board Brochure
  • DBDK V3.7.0 User Manual
  • What Is New in DBDK 3.6.1
  • NADK V1.9.0 User Manual
  • DONJIN CTI boards Envox User Guide

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